Friday, 23 September 2016

Look After Your Memories

Dear Friends,
many of you Creative Souls, probably know the feeling when you realize you've been making art and craft pieces for everyone around but... you... :)
Kasia created the most stunning reminder that sometimes it's really worth to make something beautiful just for yourself. This piece will take your breath away! (and there's a step-by-step video too!)
Sometimes I make albums for my friends, but would you believe that I have never made one for myself?
I decided to change that and to start with the cover and later slowly fill the pages.
Of course, right from the start I knew it had to be full of mediums and textures. So here it is - finally an album just for myself.
I used Sculpture Medium and fabric stripes to make a sort of a nest that adds this extra dimension to the whole piece.
I really like this effect and the fact that after drying, the shape is very hard and durable even though it might look quite soft. This means you don't have to worry that this kind of embellishment will get damaged when using the album. You can watch the whole process in the video below.
To create a rich and varied composition, I used Mechanicals, clear Art Pebbles and my favorites: Art Stones and Mini Art Stones.
As you can see, I used a lot of different embellishements and I didn't want my cover to look too heavy. That's why I used White Gesso to highlight all the details and make the whole piece look more delicate.
I hope that I will be able to show you the inside of my album soon. :)
And for now, I invite you to watch my video and please - be inspired!

Materials used:

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Season of Mists

Hi my dear ones!
Imagine my delight when once at a flea market I got hold of this amazing vintage tin muffin tray!
It was love at the first sight - its embossed patterns, the time-worn texture and the round shapes that were begging to be filled with something inspiring.
So I finally decided what I would do and here it is - my fall inspired, moody assemblage piece that I hope will move you too.
The inspiration hit me when I was browsing through vintage photos - as it often does. ;)
To make the whole project coherent, I decided to go for photos of children.
If you're looking for a source of such photos and you feel you wouldn't bring yourself to cutting the actual vintage photos into pieces, you can easily use my Ephemera Collectibles or Elements from my Cold Country line.

For me, each of these circles is like a separate story being told, in a way it's a separate art work on its own. At the same time, I wanted all of them to work together too.
I had this thought running through my head: A Season of Mists. I listened to this idea and wanted to create the dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere of Fall and Indian Summer. Can you feel it there?
I made poppy pods (from my own garden!) a strong leitmotiv and I really love how they turned out.
When you look carefully, you will also spot thread, pieces of gauze, fabrics and lace, some delicate wire and... accompanying each of the photos - the poppy seeds that I made myself with Mini Art Stones i Micro Beads.
Wouldn't you say that Rusty Mechanicals add to the mystery as well?
I didn't want to change the color of the tray completely, only to enhance its beautiful vintage character - the Rust Pastes did their magic just perfectly!
I also added a little bit of Deep Waters acrylic paint, greyish and bronze tones of Lindy's sprays and a touch Clear Crackle Paste here and there.
A helpful hint: before splashing any colors (and tea!) I covered the photos with Soft Matte Gel this way protecting them from absorbing unwanted stains.

I really love how this piece turned out - it reminds me a little of a dreamy cabinet of curiosites, would you say? :)

Here are the materials I used:

Before I say goodbye, one more important thing.
I keep reading your comments on the blog and the emails sent in for my Creative Team Call and I can't tell you enough how much they mean to me.
Thank you so much for all the words of support and friendship both for me and my Creative Team!

Choosing new members is a really difficult and quite stresful job to be honest, but it's also exciting - who will I meet this term? What new creative adventures lay ahead...?

You still have time to apply till October 7th, so don't hesitate, I'd love to hear from you!